ST Forum: High rent driving coffee shop stallholders away
14-1-2021 3:32 PM
XXX said:
new job for sinkees... gardeners!

Big smile

I thought PA P pushing us to be Farmers, 2 weeks ago?

They have Top 30 Unwanted Lousy jobs for citizens, so every 2 weeks they can try to brainwash the public.

[Image: lgxcR05.png]
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14-1-2021 11:30 AM
Tangsen said:
The usual act smart greedy unless civil serpents. Trying to use public facilities and infrastructure to capitalise on it. They uses public money to make money from public.

Also ao experience in biz trying to follow corporate world.

this is WHY Everytime this Disgrace Chan Chun Seng speak tell , those CEOs in corporate world how to innovate, do business i feel ???

Ownself not even a CEO , even those minister used to be is MOSTLY title CEO in their own public sectors, stat boards
Literally don't have much experience know more in depth about how PRIVATE corporate world works
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