Sack all employees who refused vaccination by sep 21 without compensation..
7-5-2021 7:51 PM
happyharvest said:
Is new and experimental. A new vaccine need to go through years and years of clinical trial. Covid vaccine has not. Get your fact right.

the word traitors is not appropriate at all. nobody betray anybody for not getting an experimental vaccine. You can view those who went for the vaccination as kiasi and cowards. You can also view those who refuse to get the vaccination as kiasi and cowards. Time will tell who make the right choice. Is about making the smart and right choice in life. you want to gungho all you want don't have to mock at people with different view.
It had been explained in detail...two pages in The Straits Times...why it was possible to roll out this vaccine sooner than others which took years. A lot of funds were invested to shorten the timeline, something never done before. A lot of people participated in the research, and were tested wit it, which never happened before. The vaccines we use were not hastily made, and it's not as if the whole world is being used as guinea pigs. Please do yourself a favour..go read it up before you tell people to get their facts right.

The government had done its part to inform the public through for eg The Straits Times but I know a number of people don't read it. They refuse to read it and say "Propaganda! PAP! I don't trust Straits Times'. I trust The Real Singapore! (banned) I trust The Online Citizen!"

And they spread misinformation.

If the country is at war, and people refuse to join the fight, and instead, let the enemy kill those who are trying their best to defend the country, that is a traitor. We are now at war with the Wuhan virus. That is the enemy. We want everybody to get vaccinated. Even foreigners are helping us fight this war, but the cowards are hiding. 97
Looks like the rich is more fearful of death here.
time to take real n serious actions... 5 5 5
make them stay indoors for outing or tapoa oso..

call delivery only ... Big smile
Our infectious diseases experts & news media tell everyone to go for vaccination. But this vaccine developer specialist warns of coming vaccination catastrophe.


World renown vaccine specialist, Geert Vanden Bossche, gave a groundbreaking interview this week risking his reputation and his career by bravely speaking out against administration of #Covid19 vaccines. In what may be one of the most important stories ever covered by The Highwire, the vaccine developer shared his extreme concerns about these vaccines in particular and why we may be on track to creating a global immunity catastrophe.

POSTED: March 11, 2021

The vaccine will destroy your natural immune system that can protect you from the variants but after vaccination, it will be gone and will not be able to protect you from the variants.
Do not made Vaccination Mandatory if you are not going to take responsibility and compensate the family of the person who died in a matter of days or a month or two after being forced to get vaccinated. Do not claimed that his death has nothing to do with the vaccine. The fact is that he died after taking the vaccine. He has already warned that he has pre-existing medical history and that the vaccine may have adverse effect on his pre-exsting illness but was advised otherwise.
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