Scoop: Trump's advisers brace for...
18-10-2020 9:34 PM
teeth53 said:

Trump openly desperate begging for votes

"Suburban women, will you please like me?" he pleaded. He won in 2016. Voters who lived in the suburbs -- 49%, won by 2 pts over Hillary Clinton.

In 2018 midterms -- Trump lost control of the Hse -- thanks in large part to a suburban revolt against him. 41 seats for Democrats picked up, n 38 were in predominantly suburban districts. States like Colorado, Pennsylvania, Texas, Georgia and Florida.

Colorado looks to be out of reach for the President, and Pennsylvania remains a distance possibility. Florida, Texas n Georgia are all toss ups for this Nov 3.

Trump created n tried to scare women in the suburbs into voting for him; if Joe Biden wins......Female suburban voters aren't buying it. As NY Times wrote, citing polling data in Minnesota and Wisconsin.
Colorado deliver 9 presidential electoral vote. While Pannaylvanvia deliver 20.

As of Firday, as many as 21 million people have already voted.
Trump will win! Don't worry.

Even if he loses, it would be due to "irregularities" and hence invalid! Laughing
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