Seeing how farked up HK protesters are...
I think they want to be a independent Democratic country.
14-8-2019 6:22 AM
dynamite said:
I think they want to be a independent Democratic country.

Like dat they must armed themselves and face PLA.
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They need to use technology
[Image: cvvjlnngs9g8yutfkttz.gif]
Problem with tear gas is, it is not effective ...
The protesters can throw back or away or cover with wet blanket
....They need to disorient the crowd then deploy tear gas, ie using long range acoustic device, water canon,
Once they disoriented riot police take control and advance, dogs come later after tear gas subsided...
These farkers still go home and sleep night no need to protest, clearly is a paid job
Taser all protestors in airport. Need a lot of tasers. Lol.
Now the hkg airport is in chaos.
Hkg police are beyond their control now.
It is on those hkg terrorists hands.
They do what they want to.
If hkg police want to do the opposite, hkg police will get the beat up by hkg terrorists.
14-8-2019 5:23 AM
Sentinel said:
For someone who cant afford a car yet try so hard to bluff like own one, you think your words here hv credibility for anyone to believe i made my elderly to do such thing?
You must be plain stupiak to lie abt that

Are you talking about yourself loser? I told you many times to stop asking your elderly parents to q for cheap and free stuff. Unless you swear you won’t do it again, if not my car is always standby to flatten you anytime Laughing

PS: photo taken from my e-scooter Laughing

[Image: WF1CovR.jpg]
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We should all give moral support to these protesters. They are fighting a good cause
14-8-2019 2:28 AM
jameslee58 said:
They not yet order water canon truck, that's how ill equipped their police was
[Image: 7XZIa9O.gif?noredirect]

Not so simple to use the water cannon truck/s. Who will pay for the property damages if it is used in the HK airport, etc......... Thinking
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