Select Committee on deliberate online falsehoods begins public hearings on Wednesday
Media experts, religious groups to testify on first day of deliberate online falsehoods hearing… <:-P
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13-3-2018 9:49 PM
EXBB said:
Media experts, religious groups to testify on first day of deliberate online falsehoods hearing… <:-P
These 2 grps cause the most damage.
13-3-2018 5:40 PM
menghuii said:
i think this bladi thinking must be stopped.
so ok wp sylvia had nothing to substantiate but at least
she said it in parliament. and she was voted in.
where do we or even sylvia get to have any evidence to ever substantiate?
so whatever we say, hint, quote or guess with no evidence are falsehood?
whadephuck is this?

common. its the onus of the g to explain it out that it's not this or that.
and btw, since they have all the truths and evidences, please show!

what the hacck! we cant even sort things out with them?
this g really sucks. what are we going to do with them?

very very easy to substantiate fake news, more than 75% of the forumers here were busy dishing out and spreading fake news the past 2 weeks .... the committee should find this forum a good example and the best place to start ....

Rolling on the flor laughing Rolling on the flor laughing Rolling on the flor laughing Rolling on the flor laughing

Everything will be alright in the end, so if it is not alright it is not yet the end ....

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13-3-2018 9:49 PM
EXBB said:
Media experts, religious groups to testify on first day of deliberate online falsehoods hearing… <:-P

13-3-2018 10:29 PM
singlion said:
These 2 grps cause the most damage.

walaneh! Big Grin
Fake news lah, bro! thumbs upWinking
SINGAPORE - A high-level parliamentary committee, looking at ways Singapore can thwart deliberate online falsehoods, starts its public hearings on Wednesday (March 14).

Chaired by Deputy Speaker Charles Chong, the 10-member Select Committee stands out for three record-breaking reasons:

* The public hearings it holds will last the most number of days: 8

It is waste of time on this 10-member Select Committee debate.

For citizen to read the right thing from govt.

* The number of individuals and organisations giving evidence will be the highest ever: 79

*The number of written representations it received is the most: 164

To understand the issue, the committee will cover several themes.

This is same as the hypothetical question from their IB on thread created in this forum.

How about a pack of food drop on my window for agreed vs disagreed to fool ppl belief. (human born evil)

This food can give to honest boy and he will finish it . (good deeds)

These include: The phenomenon of deliberate online falsehoods as a serious global problem, the way technology has worsened the problem, and what technology companies are doing to tackle it.

The serious global problem tell is a norm in global platform in social media. Even China recognize the fact in 1 country 2 systems (govt voice Vs Citizen Voice) . The different from the govt voice is not a fake news huh. Why need to do something mission impossible on other ppl will?

The full-day hearings will also explore how falsehoods affect different parties here, the various ways Singapore can respond, and the merits of different options, including legislation.

Legislation only have dictation power. But has no concrete power to control ppl mindset on will. How ppl want to response the fakes news . Some keep silence and other keep speculate. To the end, it is up to reader decide whether they want to listen or not.

What then are falsehoods? They range from fake news for commercial purposes, such as when teenagers in Macedonia spread false stories in 2016 to earn money through online views in the lead-up to the United States' presidential election, to sophisticated state-sponsored disinformation campaigns with apparently political aims.

There is 2 side of story.

It seen the govt using committee debate to spread a falsehoods. On american story to created imaginary in citizen mindset on fakes news.

For instance, in January 2017, it was suggested that German Chancellor Angela Merkel was the target of a foreign disinformation campaign, made in an effort to destabilise the European Union.

We cannot always follow other ppl blindly thru story.

If the SG govt has a brain. They have to find out why this ppl against German Chancellor Angela Merkel was the target rather on speculate on the fake news.

The Select Committee's public hearings come at a time when falsehoods have been spread online to attack public institutions and individuals.

Attack is such a strong word on ppl have a different opinion. In ready, a good govt have to live with the open mind to look thing in different perspective. .

The invidious nature of these falsehoods and the swiftness with which they spread have led some countries to consider responding with legislation.

As we are born in diversity background on different position held that lead to different pov.. Don't always take critic so personals on defamation sue that make citizen lost the respect on govt team for fake news spread for goal.

Imaging, you sue everyone who has different opinion. End of the day, you will suffering on election because you need citizen approval to be a legitimate govt. Without citizen support, your govt is illegal govt and the behavior same as terrorist. We can complaint to UN to remove your cabinet in power.

France, for example, is expected to introduce draft legislation that will, among other provisions, require websites to disclose the identities of those who sponsor content on their platforms.

Is SG a independent country.

Why we always follow other country platform from US, Germany to created unwanted enemy on terrorist?

Singapore has been studying written representations received from a range of stakeholders. These include media organisations, technology companies, non-governmental organisations, local and foreign experts, telcos and members of the public.

The Office of the Clerk of Parliament said in a statement that the individuals and groups invited to give evidence at the public hearings were selected to represent a cross-section of different stakeholders or because their written

On fake news, based on who standard and on who ideas to decide it ?

representations require further clarification.

Mr Warren Fernandez, Straits Times editor and Singapore Press Holdings' editor-in-chief for its English/Malay/Tamil Media Group, interacts with the audience at his askST@NLB talk at the National Library on Feb 23, 2018.

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Who decide a smart citizen. ST ? ?

The select committee tackling the threat of fake news will be chaired by Charles Chong (top row, centre) and consists of (clockwise from top left) Chia Yong Yong, K Shanmugam, Desmond Lee, Pritam Singh, Rahayu Mahzam, Seah Kian Peng, Janil Puthuchear

Is this necessary for them to do ?

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Among those who wrote to the Select Committee are Associate Professor Alan Chong of the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies and Mr Howard Lee, a former editor of socio-political website The Online Citizen who is now pursuing a PhD at Murdoch University.

How about the fake news on Govt IB ?

Prof Chong, noting the difficulty of targeting, isolating and containing the spread of online falsehoods, hopes his submission addresses some "grey areas" in fake news.

It no need to address some "grey areas" in fake news as the citizen has a brain. They will know what is fake news come from which party

He told The Straits Times that certain forms of journalism, like those that set out hypothetical scenarios, risk being censured if fake news is targeted indiscriminately.

While Prof Chong has not been asked to appear before the Select Committee, Mr Lee is expected to appear on March 27.

In his submission, Mr Lee said that the open exchange of information remains the best solution against misinformation, arguing that the problem cannot be resolved by legislation.

No way can control it even China also facing the same problem.

"It is important for Singaporeans to be engaged on public issues like this, given that it can potentially impact all our civic discourse," he said. " I personally do not approve of a specific fake news law, but given that the Law Minister has already called it a 'no-brainer' (for Singapore to update its legislative toolbox), I decided to give inputs regardless of the eventual outcome."

Unlike print medias on 1 side story for you to read (ST) . Social media have 2 ways communication. If is a fake news, it will rebute by other forumner . The legislation cannot do a better job than on 2 ways communication for clarification .

Speaking on the sidelines of a separate event on Tuesday, Home Affairs and Law Minister K. Shanmugam, who is also a member of the Select Committee, said he hopes the committee’s process will allow members of the public to gain a better understanding of the issues that Singapore and the world face when it comes to online falsehoods.

We citizen already have better understanding how the govt run the system. It no need their emphasis as we can see from the development .

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Citizen Power Game for Citizens to work together to Build a New Social System.
double talk must be shown . this will determine reliability of spoken words. and not simply sweep under and act only
Singapore to Fight Fake News the Way it Fights Drugs
I don't know this is consider a fake news.

To be precise, it is a power game play on economic exploitation on citizen money to push up the cost of living. It use to support the govt belief on GDP.

1st the govt let e-scooter import . After they use an IB to speculate on accident.


The govt call for e-scooter owner to register for new licence scheme take place.

Uber/Grab Licencing

Grab and Uber are facing the same fate.

Initially the govt close a blind eye. After they find out many grab and Uber on the road. They call for new licence scheme for grab and Uber driver.

Licencing scheme is one of the financial tool . It is another type of TAX use to raise fund for their oversea investment. Thru their member use to control the ministry (minister) use to raise fund (LTA) under the name of public agency.
Citizen Power Game for Citizens to work together to Build a New Social System.
14-3-2018 12:38 PM
reallymeh said:
Singapore to Fight Fake News the Way it Fights Drugs

I don't know this is fake news happened in reality.

The govt hospital keep selling drug to those ppl on diabetic for their GDP belief.

The govt keep introduce new law ( law of jungle ) and intensifying the old power game use make ppl living in stress for the drug use.
Citizen Power Game for Citizens to work together to Build a New Social System.
13-3-2018 5:21 PM
alleggsinonebasket said:
[Image: 583706.jpeg]

SINGAPORE - A high-level parliamentary committee, looking at ways Singapore can thwart deliberate online falsehoods, starts its public hearings on Wednesday (March 14)..


Fake news is only dangerous, it costs lots of money to put it in it's right place.........
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