Shameless Justin Trudeau condones kidnapping and mistreatment in Canada?

Why is China's biggest technology company being targeted? l Inside Story

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It's illegal for China to sell phones to Iran, ok whatever..... but it's totally legal to sell arms to Saudi to kill....????

Ken Rose
The Americans are angry because the Chinese won't put or allow NSA spyware in Huawei phones. My next phone will be definitely be Huawei!

Hahahahaha !! ‘ The US is a country that respects the rule of law !! “ That must be the best joke of 2018 .

karam jyot singh gujral
Small correction , united nation didn't sanctioned Iran , USA did .

protect a murder, arrest someone selling phones for non existence charges

Homa Monfared
Mr. Justin Trudeau as a Canadian I am asking you which is " Appropriate Authorities" CIA? what happened to Canada's SOVEREIGNTY?

Shahid Alam
Our prime minister Justin Trudeau has been maintaining a double standard. He is a hypocrite and a puppet of the USA. But he forgot that Donald Trump called him "dishonest".

derozon lang
US used to be an international leader; now it is an international mafia head.

Canada's Chinese community voices support for Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou
Chinese are no different from Muslims. Muslims believe the whole world is out to persecute them for their religion and they therefore band together to fight against non Muslims. PRC Chinese perceive the whole world is out to target them because PRC Chinese mistakenly think they are superior to the Whites but correctly concluded the rest of the world sees them as a threat.

Both groups want their own kind and race to unite together as a homogeneous group to counter external threats to their race & religion. But after Dec 7 1941, the U.S vowed never to let their guard down again. They see another Japan in China and are adopting the correct strategy to weaken China in as many ways as possible as much as possible in preparation for the upcoming Pacific war with them within the next decade. Half the battle is already won when you have correctly identified the enemy and taken preemptive steps to weaken him. Donald Trump knows that he can almost guarantee his re-election in 4 years time by setting the U.S on a "war footing" with China even though he doesn't really have the intention to fight a war as he is merely wagging the dog. Laughing Will be interesting to see American patriotism versus PRC Cheena patriotism in an all out conflict. The White j.ew from the West fighting the Yellow j.ew of the East. yay I hope to see the White Bully & Yellow Bully destroy each other in the process so that the world will become a better and safer place for the little guys like us. thumbs up dance


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alanis said:

Canada's Chinese community voices support for Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou
Canada abetting Washington's 'new Cold War' with Huawei arrest, says economist

The arrest of a Chinese tech executive is yet another example that the U.S. is creating "a new Cold War" in international trade, says economist Jeffrey Sachs, who adds that Canada is abetting its southern neighbour.

因孟晚舟事件 加拿大籍艺人夏克立向中国道歉

[Image: 0710a88bc7eafb0907da00bc557bcbd6_w.jpg]

【完整版】2018.12.15《文茜世界周報-亞洲版》華為公主屈辱保釋成功 中美加角力揭開序幕?|Sisy's World News
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