Should I give way to PMD users on the foot path,they are attacking fr. front and rear
10-10-2019 5:21 PM
OLT said:
dats if u walk alone... if u walk with wife, or bring children, cannot even hold hand walk side by side.. every 1/2 min 1 pmd come, k#@*&&^%$$

That's why must watch KDrama. Somebody said it is not KDrama until someone kor-tok-beh someone.

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10-10-2019 5:15 PM
chettiar said:
how often you need to do that , you need to take care of the view from front ,rear , left and right, very stressful ..

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10-10-2019 5:13 PM
walaneh said:
walaneh! shock
Bro, also must learn to react fast and whack them jialat jialat lah! Worried
You don't think so meh? Thinking

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