Should lee sian long apologize to sporeans for 25,000 cases of covid
23-5-2020 9:48 PM
aragorn742 said:
In his years as PM, not once has he grind the axe to chop off the heads of those who fail to perform.
But he is willing to pay millions to those who serve with him - not because they deserve so much but
more to win their loyalty with $$$. They will not be axed because of their loyalty.
You want a weak leader to apologize? Forget it. Just ask him to go (along with those who did not perform).

To PM Lee, sorry seems to be the hardest word to say. The MIW refuses to apologize cos they feel that when the say sorry, they are guilty and weak...... Big smile Big smile Thinking Thinking
23-5-2020 8:57 PM
singaporean1964 said:
he should come out and say sorry
and that he will do better 'next time' Big Grin
Better don't ask LHL to apologize....
After LHL apologized PAP could win over 80% in the coming GE and situation will get worst after GE.
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