Singapore-Malaysia Water Agreement Already 57 Year Old
15-3-2019 1:08 PM
Honestboy said:
Shut down means war already

During LKY's time, he said that if the Malaysians were to shut the water supply at Johore, he will send troops to open the waterworks.........and I think he is serious about it......... Cool Cool Cool Cool
15-3-2019 1:22 PM
hsidex said:
So Singapore will go to war if there was a shut down but why force its people to drink sshhit water when the deterrence are already in place?

The water agreements are not going to last forever. One has already expired.
If Singapore doesn't plan ahead and have to rely on Mudland's goodwill, it does so at its own peril.
Better to drink purified shxtwater than have nothing to drink.
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