Singapore in danger to submerge underwater:Will you co-pay $100 b or leave Singapore?
23-11-2019 12:22 PM
maipenrai said:
Look really promising. Simple, easy to deploy, and probably cheap too.

I wonder whether the barriers will topple over when the water level gets higher?

Wow! PUB great discovery.....catching guppies

Venice would be very interested with Singapore new advanced technology.
27-11-2019 6:44 AM
sukhoi35 said:
The problem is where to run to?

Good to have a second hand submarine
3-12-2019 8:58 AM
Raum said:
Good to have a second hand submarine

A very wise choice
Is Singapore PUB participating in LEGO league world championship?

23-11-2019 9:08 AM
sukhoi35 said:
Singapore in danger to submerge underwater : Will you co-pay $100 bn to protect against rising sea levels or planning to leave Singapore?

Warning those poor Singaporeans to start saving as much as possible and work harder to accumulate at least
$ 1 million as protection and security for your childrens' future whereas those rich and powerful could leave easily and settle anywhere in the world.

Are you prepare to sacrifice and willingly co-pay $ 100 bn to protect Singapore against rising water levels?

The Centre for Climate Research Singapore (CCRS), where a team of scientists and meteorologists use super-computers to model the weather and do research also cooperates with its counterparts in neighbouring countries to study in more detail the impact of climate change on the region, and it is finding that Singapore, being near the equator, is more vulnerable to climate change than the global model suggests.

"Singaporeans must work for the best, but be prepared for the worst."

Singapore must do is work towards adapting to climate change, particularly rising sea levels.
For instance, critical infrastructure like Changi Airport Terminal 5 and Tuas Port will be built on higher platforms, at least 5m above sea level.

You mother fucker, A Loser is Forever A Loser. Say what you like *meow meow* Laughing Laughing Laughing
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