Singapore mum confesses: 'I was attracted to another man'
You guys read the full article before commenting? Lol

To err is human but she turned out alright in the end. Trust and work on your marriage, takes 2 hands to clap.
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My gym got one Japanese lady , her friends are those 三姑六婆 type
Because she pretty , so her friends encouraged her to become rich man mistress...u hear comments like "why u go that poor chap, he has no job u know "
Ok la ...if 三姑六婆 don't say such thing, then they will not qualified
Got this kind of peoples exists, there's no surprise what woman can give themselves all kind of reason and excuse ...
Sometimes good to remind yourself, surround by peoples with good characters, it will shape u into better path
Torn between 2 lovers, feeling like a fool.
I am Ben.
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All men are the same, Ben will become Kevin after he fuϲked her.
Did this woman went to bed with her attraction? If no, then I think it is quite normal for such attraction as long as she kept her marriage vow and stays faithful with her husband. I.believe most men are easily attracted to beautiful women which shud be normal otherwise something is wrong with them. Also attracted doesn't mean love but cud be the jing creating havoc....... Laughing

so nothing sexiting had happened
So long and boring article...most important question is did she has s.ex with Ben or when they started having s.ex? Thinking Big Grin
it's normal to have itchy cb or lj... just dont scratch them in public lor..
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15-1-2020 12:31 AM
wendychan said:
pls lah
men have been attracted to other another women

only what you did was worng?
How many man have you been attracted to? Smile
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