Singapore retail sales continue slump in April
The Almighty Expensive Educated Elites brought in abòut 350k India people , using extrapolation data ( not sure if the proportion has increased or decrease in the past 6 years).

But our SG business still sinking?
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15-6-2019 5:27 PM
Ola said:
Several of my lady colleagues including pantry aunty said the quality of clothes in Taobao like rags. 70% chance the purchase ends up as donation after 3 months.

The SG rental to high. At the end, consumers suffer with out- dated and lousy clothes in shopping malls.

Got a friend bought from taobao a winter coat for SGD20, he said torn within mths nvm, 20 bucks nia.
7 hours ago
Ola said:
This Brand replaced Body Shop in the world wit$ a store in MBS, Singapore.

Had to bring this back for my Cousins and Aunty.

Hand Sanitizer: 6 for S$10. Sold to my Cousin for $20.

[Image: kYMvwwC.jpg]

Where u bought
World most expensive city.
5 years in a row...

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