Sinkie undergrads' balls shrink!!!!! start cancel exchange trip to dim sum land!!!!!!
14-8-2019 9:27 AM
Raphael05 said:
If it’s just protests or riots only at certain area.. u still know where to avoid.. now they go anywhere and everywhere they wish.. even at airport disrupting air travel.. unless u seriously need to go.. if not.. it’s best to avoid going hk for now.. dun say scared Kenna injured.. go there for holidays but so disruptive then go for what?

lesman quack can go hk to learn about real crisis management
Do differentiate between Protest and Riot.
They r Rioters. They should be shot.
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Going there is 送羊入虎口 !

Singaporeans will be stunt and don't know how to respond!

But, speaking English can be an advantage because the violent protesters thing that only at as people speak English! Rolling on the flor laughing
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