So Who going to Answer " if there are cases of Cov19 infection during voting "
Yesterday 2:05 AM
[[ForeverAlone]] said:
Play Ding Dong effect? Lawrance wong see Gam , Gam see Lawrance wong than both see LHL , LHL see elsewhere ?

YES SK and French got voting during Covi19 but do note We outsider still don't know much in depth they got any person get infected with Covi19 when go voting despite ensure social distance , etc

you come out with 100billion, i will asked the govt to stop every activity and lockdown another 1 month ..we all love to stay at home, provided somebody pays
Aiyo. so kiasi, you can don't vote, just stay at home.

Also, remember to stay at home everyday, dont go out to eat, dont go out to work, because nobody is going to answer to you if u are infected while going out.
thumbs up actually the good timing to vote is year end

to be honest.
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