So smrt didnt FORSEE the jam coming? even after bedok's experience?
Don't you know present govt is do first troubleshoot later. Under LKY's time with Goh Keng Swee study foreseeable problems first then start.
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10-9-2019 8:22 PM
Surfer said:
So many board members in there for what? Just collecting money and not doing their job to run and solve problems?

Anybody can share how much the board members are paid?
10-9-2019 7:13 PM
menghuii said:
[Image: 780779.jpeg]

bedok bus interchange jam 2014

yishun bus interchange jam yesterday

i tell you why.
they dont care.
they will wait till problems arise to see what the problem is.
and you know?
bedok fellas just got use to it.
and so is yishun fellas.
they also must get use to it.

this is how they manage..period

They dont know what is AOP? 127fs4573872
The impact of loading 800 new buses on to the same few streets, is finally hitting home. Curious, do they learn maths in the army camp.
aiya yishun ma... the place is jinxed.

Laughing Laughing
I think they create chaos to inconvenient commuters and people and then make excuse to raise fare again...and again..then tell u all because new infrastucture and system need to be spent to reduce Jam..
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Their true intention is let people complain and do nothing ...

When everything break down, they will step in and tell us we need to pay them more
or need to increase more taxes in order to fix the problem ...

Our teacher says this :

" Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. "

Hopeless smrt, pap
11-9-2019 4:07 PM
LauHiLo said:
Anybody can share how much the board members are paid?

Probably hush hush like HC or maybe can check in their annual report?
Tomorrow will be better than Today
Our new 4G ministars are inefficient and cannot forsee what is going to happen after lau lee step down
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