So smrt didnt FORSEE the jam coming? even after bedok's experience?
That's why I will never ever live in big housing estates. I will always choose small housing estates in D.10 to avoid this kind of mess.

10-9-2019 7:13 PM
menghuii said:
[Image: 780779.jpeg]

bedok bus interchange jam 2014

yishun bus interchange jam yesterday

i tell you why.
they dont care.
they will wait till problems arise to see what the problem is.
and you know?
bedok fellas just got use to it.
and so is yishun fellas.
they also must get use to it.

this is how they manage..period

Cowboo,you better be at the scene until problem solved. No more excusee please.
Teething problem also cannot take it?
We already so blessed with no natural disaster, so look on the bright side. If its a problem, there will be a solution.
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