Son of ex Singaporeans won America's Got Talent!
19-7-2019 8:11 PM
CanBeDone said:
Even beter

The sweeper in the Temple.
Looks like Singapore has Magic Talent ya....
This is not is magic trick

This is the difference

That's why we say "Like Magic!"

Because it is fake, not real

This trick, of course the 2 hosts are in on the trick. The rest is skills and props
Treeswing Treeswing Treeswing
This was from last season show then you know?
19-7-2019 6:14 PM
Alice Alicia said:
Watch his unbelievable performance... notworthy

Not necessary... Shin lim not only won AGT , he also won the World got talent
19-7-2019 8:11 PM
CanBeDone said:
Even beter
He’s from Taiwan lah.
Tomorrow will be better than Today
20-7-2019 12:19 AM
Birdy said:
Looks like Singapore has Magic Talent ya....

unfortunately he is now a Canadian
his parents gave up sg citizenship.

SG still have many highly paid citizens who can do magic.
they regularly disappear from their workplace
and Parliament while live on TV.
these days magic shows are abt showmanship
you must have style
I think if he remains in Singapore, his son will never has a chance to become a talent. Here local talents are quickly killed by FTs........ Laughing

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let us klook at what talent is this? when you study american ideolgy on law.

left is (en f)with humanityand the righ is zero humanity(fng). to be a robot thru law/policies use for bully..

this is what they means singpore got robot.thier mindset fuilly dominant al inhumanity us law/mightyideology. to make you live with no choice in elite poqwer constitution for mighty god ideolgy take place.

singpore go talent but no ideas how to solve the problem.on problem created thru govt law..Laughing
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