Spore NOT in top 10 global salary increase?
We have many hardworking 30%. Laughing thumbs up
Stop trying to calm the storm. Calm yourself, the storm will pass.
12-11-2019 4:02 PM
kopihothot said:
India is the best economy now! thumbs up

They have to thank bro sing for helping them achieve this.
12-11-2019 4:03 PM
Oda Tetsuro said:
SG popular for salary stagnant but costs of living increase gao gao... Laughing

GST incoming... Lol
I most dulan is water tax... I use $7 water but with all the rubbish additional cost ended with over $20 each month. Ridiculous and unprincipled.
How u know sg is not so far infront such that there is no point to put in top 10?
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