Stop Buying Penny Stocks.
26-3-2020 12:56 PM
maipenrai said:
Only 30% see value in cheap chips and gamble with cheap chips.
The rest only got eyes and invest in blue chips.
NOL, Hyflux, noble aren't penny stocks. Big smile
Now you know why I said stop buying penny stocks or those lousy, debt ridden capital heavy investments like in oil and gas, shipping, retail Reits etc?

Even with Dow and STI having nice bounces last week, these pennies hardly moved up and now sell down continues.

Hope Sgbuffet with his Rex and Sembmarine is fine...
Be conservative and keep cash!

LHL mentioned this year will be tough. In fact spoke with a close Sin relative based in China, he has literally wrote off this year's business profits if any, and revenues are to pay his workers and keep the business running at lowest cost.
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