Syria’s Kurds, Feeling Betrayed by the U.S., Ask Assad Government for Protection
Turkish-backed terrorist army, so-called “Syrian National Army”, launched a surprise attack on Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) defenses near the Syrian-Turkish border today on instruction by Turk Army General in a bid to advance to take over Tal Tamr District of Al-Hasakah.....were badly beats back by SAA. 5

Turks are invading on a large-scale invasion into Syria north is unparalleled.

Turks say they successfully dislodged the YPG from Afrin, in Syria’s northwest, last year at minimal cost of disruption, Khalifa says “this is not Afrin”.

“This is 25% of Syria land, including a wide-open desert that the international coalition have barely able to control and the Turk want to sink Turkish root, given Trump have entertian the same thought as Ottoman Erdogan.
16-10-2019 10:55 PM
talkcover said:
Hard to tell. Turkish feel uncomfortable about Kurds and perhaps also Armenians movement is there.
Erdogan is an old hand is playing it.
Erdogan should go after PKK, instead of the Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) Erdogan politic @home is weakening by the last mayoral election in a re-run. He lost more vote, so he TCSS on everyone working against him n hanging on to army power to keep himself in power in his AKP he formed.
18-10-2019 11:29 AM
teeth53 said:
Trump approve 2nd attacks on Syria Kurdish fighters in northern Syria, ordering the Kurds to vacate the area in an arrangement that largely solidifies n consolidated Turkey’s position and weaken Syria aims in the weeklong conflict.

Trump TCSS the deal also includes a conditional halt to American economic sanctions. Trump 2nd successful attempt back stepping on Syrian Kurds.

After negotiations. Turk Erdogan, and U.S. Vice President Mike Pence hailed the 5-day cease-fire as the way to end the bloodshed caused by Turkey’s invasion. He remained dead silent on whether it amounted to a 2nd abandonment of America’s former Kurdish allies in the fight against the Islamic State group.
This 120 hours cease-fire is for US troop to move out of Syria north east... Laughing

Latest: Hundreds of trucks carrying US personnel were observed withdrawing troops from Manbij to Hasakah, Syria, to en route east to the border with Iraq.

Almost 500 US personnel are on the move n troop convoy moving through northern Syria.

Ceasefire in question: Two US officials on the ground told CNN that “the ceasefire is not holding" between Syria, the Kurd and Turkey.
15-10-2019 11:15 PM
teeth53 said:
Syrian forces in 'full control' of Manbij: Said Russia

Russia's defence ministry said Syrian govt forces have taken "full control over the city of Manbij and nearby settlements".

Russian forces were continuing to patrol border areas along the "line of contact" between Syrian and Turkish forces, it said in a statement.

US coalition: 'We are out' of Manbij. Escorted by US apache gunship.
Russian airforce plane is flying around n helping US troop n hundred of vehicle n their truck (convoy) to get out of Manbij n northern Syria.
15-10-2019 10:31 PM
teeth53 said:
Erdogan telling Russia. He wanted to take charge of Manbij. No "problem" with Kobane.

With Russia blessing. Damascus agreement with Kurdish YPG / SDF factions on the deployment of Syrian army on the border with Turkey.

"Erdogan commented. Syrian army's movement to the north of the country to counter Turk army on "spring of peace" to push Kurds out is what we should do, it is seems agreed by the Russia's who show positive policy in Ein al- Arab( Kobane)”.

As for Manbij, Turk army are in the process of entering n clearing Kurd terrorists," adding "When Manbij city is liberated by us. Turk army n Turk back FSA army will move-in.

The FSA is consider by Syria Assad as yet another terrorist group armed n backed by Turk to seek to bring in more Turk root in Syria.
Turk Erdogan is telling the Russia to get out of Kobane and Manbij, just like how Turk Erdogan threaten US Trump the same way.

Big question is will Russia Putin behave just like Trump?..

Erdogan: '120 hrs is coming to an end. We will meet with Putin and 'We will do what we need to do.'

Syrian answer is, it army installing several new heavy artillery batteries and MLRS in Manbij region "to counter Turkish aggression on Syrian territory".

RUSSIA PLAN IS?. -- Kremlin aide Yuri Ushakov said Turkey’s military operation in northern Syria was “not exactly” compatible with Syria’s territorial integrity.

Ushakov, speaking in Riyadh during an official visit to Saudi Arabia by President Vladimir Putin, was commenting on Turkey’s military operation which it launched last week.

Asked by reporters if what was happening was ott consistent with Syria’s territorial integrity that Russia has always said it want Turk to respected, Syria integrity Ushakov answer is: “Not exactly.”

He added that Russia planned to “do something” without specifying what that might be.

Russia answer to Turk Erdogan. Is Putin behave just like Trump?. Or Putin is not?.
12-10-2019 7:52 PM
teeth53 said:
Trump warning to Erdogan: If Turkey is doing something that they should not be doing all along...

Erdogan told Trump Rolling on the flor laughing : Turk is determine and are doing something that we should be doing all along....

Will Putin betray Syria Assad?. N give way for Turk Ottoman Erdogan to gain more territories.
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