Syrian War: The Final Battle or the Beginning of Armageddon?
18-4-2018 6:09 PM
bw2013 said:
Robert Fisk in one of the Tunnels underneath East Ghouta

[Image: DbAYtD6XUAA0VaN.jpg]

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The Final Battle or the Beginning of Armageddon?

Some years ago i wrote that the final phase of the Syrian war will be the bloodiest.

We have come to that phase. In the northern city of Idlib is the highest concentration of the baddest hard core terrorists, gathered from defeated frontlines across the country in the last 7 years of war.

The drums of war is beating again. Assad is about to declare a final victory when Idlib is completely liberated by his shock troops. We are hearing whispers from his detractors that he is about to launch a chemical weapons attack. Either Assad is too stupid to do that or his detractors are for us to believe in the same charade again.

The fact is that the US and its allies are in Syria, uninvited, on the excuse of fighting terrorism. But when the last bastion of terrorism is wiped out by Assad, so will their reason to be there. Without a valid justification, it then becomes an occupation of a sovereign nation. They will have to pack up and leave or be forced to by the American public opinion or by the Syrian people.
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