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12-1-2020 6:36 PM
debono said:
Yes this is just an opinion, the ruling party should not sue at the drop of a hat, but let democracy takes it's place...... Laughing Laughing

Flexway aka Schroder aka CockLIAR, aka Rat28, agree or not?

24-12-2019 10:11 PM
flexway said:

9-1-2020 4:02 PM
The Godfather said:

10-1-2020 9:01 AM
Schroder said:

12-1-2020 8:21 AM
rat28 said:
Voters of Singapore (not Singaporeans) have 3 choices at the ballot.

Choice 1 - Vote for PAP - what have you (and your kid/kids) to gain & lose?
Choice 2 - Vote for Oppie - what have you (and your kid/kids) to gain & lose?
Choice 3 - No vote - what have you (and your kid/kids) to gain & lose?

How to answer and not be lost? Just look back at GE 2011 & 2015.

Whoever you had voted into office,
what did he/she gain & lose AND what did you (and your kid/kids) gain & lose?

The answers will help you to be very clear, not lost.

13-1-2020 10:16 AM
Oda Tetsuro said:
Yalor, 70% and new citizens happily suϲking PAP's coϲk, so what is the point of asking when they gonna stop suϲking right? thumbs up

That's right..the smart ones that understand are the minority. After giving so many freebies the last 1 year, the 70% sinkies will vote for them again. Sigh....
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