The Great Flood in GuangZhou
23-5-2020 1:27 PM
Yin yang said:
Climatic change is playing havoc around the globe going forward..

Expect violent natural disasters, ferocious viruses attacking mankind for polluting mother earth.

Very true. Read somewhere that cyclones/hurricanes/typhoons will strengthen and become more ferocious as the sea surface temperature increases.
And Indian cities seem to be much more badly hit than Chinese cities in the past few days.


23-5-2020 2:11 PM
century said:
Boris Johnson 對華為說不

later no IC, no order?....just nice?.... Rolling on the flor laughing thumbs up

摆脱“中国制造”依赖 英国正制定计划

这个代号为"保卫项目"(Project Defend)的计划,内容包括评估英国面对潜在敌对外国政府时的主要经济弱点。该计划是英国外交大臣拉布(Dominic Raab)牵头的新国家安全策略的一部分。

global trend....去中国化....
a new global organisation is forming excluding china?.....
eventually china people will suffer....unless they wake up fast.... thumbs up Rolling on the flor laughing
Karma for china. Dark sky Beijing in day time. Flooding in GZhou.
All My Posts are Fake News and Comments are Untrue. [Image: i2C2ng7.jpg]
23-5-2020 1:16 PM
shuifu said:

暴雨突襲雲林、台南 校園淹水 地面出現噴泉【發燒話題】-20200519

It is explained in the weather map, rain moving from the west GZ province.
23-5-2020 1:00 PM
MGSeow said:
Doubleclick picture to play video; then, click speaker button for sound
[Image: kiY6OqQ.jpg]

Just read and view how they reported this happening in the Chinese News Media about the great GuangZhou flood.

[Image: EYm_9CKUwAEgvnD?format=jpg&name=large]
Today, no cure or vaccine for SARS (
CGTN & 新华网 said pple with Wuhan virus cured (
( Beijing used Steroids for SARS (, now used HIV drugs (



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