The Reality of Covid - 19
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Seems like many, still think or don't realise how deadly and destructive Covid-19 is :

1. Far and wide reaching - from Wuhan to Prince Charles, ships in the ocean, away from nowhere to almost everywhere - look at the worldometers site
( ), many countries, nations or towns infested, some I have never even heard of. Nowhere can escape or spare. Nowhere is unreachable!

2. Tremendous killing speed with no sense of direction - kill in days, on a single contact, without any warning, anywhere, at any corner of the earth, anytime!

3. Mass killer - just look at Italy, really pitiful, for no reason, an innocent nice and happy country, people are killed in thousands in matter of days, and thousands more are on the way ! Killing rate is still accelerating!

4. Powerful - human beings are considered quite strong. That is why we survive till today. Look at the countless strong healthy men, just killed in a matter of few days of infection, suddenly, by something so small we can't even see it. When you can feel it, it is too late!

5. Invisible - don't even have a thought that, "Ah! it won't hit me lah or my closest love ones." Think again! Even if you get it and get better, what make you think the trillions of virus is not hibernating somewhere in your body system? Talk about mutation, transformation ???
The virus can kill you, they must be stronger than you or human being.

6. It is a war, more devastating than a world war! Killing everyone, everywhere, blindly! Senselessly! Nobody is spare, regardless of right or wrong, good or bad, or whatever.

we are yet to know who is the root of the problem.

7. Wiper! - wiped out trillions of assets/stocks/values, earnings/jobs, precious times (lockdowns), and above all, human life, and still wiping, aggressively!

8. That's not all. It's just the beginning. Here is the real scary part - The Aftermath - forget about fighter-jets, drones, nuclear-subs., misilles, nukes or any hardwares. There are all obsolete. This invisible, invincible software will destroy humanity. Imaging if it is in the control of wrong undesirable hands like terrorist groupings or North Korea. A small bottle of it will do the job nicely.

Seems like, everyone is working or focusing in a reactive mode.

Driven by politics - power, fame & fortune, and economic - $$$$, interests..

Is there anyone working pro-actively for a real long-term solution, urgently ??????

This is The Real Deal - saving the world or mankind, not a movie or fantacy.

I truly hope so.

The current reality is "Doomdays is on sight!"

If, there is a time to be kiasu, this is it. Play really safe man, and don't take things lightly, or take chances that will gamble your life away.

Take good care, All.

Who wrote this?
Treeswing Treeswing Treeswing
26-3-2020 11:04 PM
Sentinel said:
Who wrote this?

Yours truly.
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