The Root Cause of 30%'s Problems Is ENVY
9-12-2019 11:17 AM
sukhoi35 said:

For over 35 years, GIC holds S$ 400 bn Asset Under Management (AUM) of which 72% ( i.e. S$ 287 billions) comes from CPF members savings paying ridiculously low interest rate of 2.5% p.a.

While GIC reportedly has been making ROI 6.9% over 35 years period

Did the Singapore govt contributes any money into CPF members account over the past years?

Ethical question : How can the govt be allowed to profit from citizens retirement pension monies?

Without CPF savings of S$ 287 billions, GIC itself is very tiny, right or wrong?

The root cause is 70% still sleeping ZZZZzzzzz

The interest is not 2.5% for all our cpf savings. Anyway....

If the government pays out whatever it made, in this case 6.9% , it means those who have more cpf savings will earn more interest.

As it is, it retains most of it and use it to finance the Budget. You can say that it's the high income earners who are paying more for public spending.
9-12-2019 11:21 AM
Schroder said:
Being wrong means being wrong once.

Being wrong and trying to fight to win requires deception, and that's being wrong twice.

Good examples are Polanski and his Mr. They could have bowed out but instead resorted to all kinds of antics which made them wrong multiple times. This is to do with the EGO....the opposite of humility.

Jac LAU is a Malaysian.

Polanski 90% Malaysian.

Mr is also 70% Malaysian.

All Malaysians, sama sama.
Will PAP be prepared to give us a new list of Ministers with portfolio before GE2020?
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