The nurses at Tan Tock Sent hospital
22-5-2020 6:56 PM
[[ForeverAlone]] said:
TTSH is among the Best for Public Hospital.

The worst is Changi Hospital

Amen to this.
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This morning I saw a nurse that was there yesterday afternoon, at night 8pm still there, this morning 7am was there, and when my relative is there now, she is also there? How many hours she work, she stay hostel there?

She works harder than the ministers for sure. Shame on them.
22-5-2020 7:34 PM
dynamite said:
We should start grooming our local talents in many ft areas. Including construction.

Locals in construction are senior management, mostly.

At the lower levels, mostly questionable white collar foreign management.

Difficult to get local engineers.

Low level technical staff are mostly foreigners. Most aren't technical but useful as extra hands.
22-5-2020 6:41 PM
dynamite said:
I find them overall very compassionate and hard working.

They deserve to be paid enough for the tough job they do.

Ambulance medics are the other heros I saw.
Hospital name wrong spelling
Should be seng
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