The truth is this about anti PMD trouble makers
11 hours ago
Sentinel said:
I also own a TANK and your whole family, all 49 generations

So how?

You not happy ah?

Now you nothing to say , talking cock ah.
Tomorrow will be better than Today
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As a night shift security guard, you called yourself Sentinel is machiam like SBS Transit called their bus drivers bus captains to try and make them feel important Rolling on the flor laughing Too bad no matter how you want to think of yourself, you are still only just a security guard according to the dictionary. Laughing

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Today 6:35 AM
Sentinel said:
Wah, now Sentinel is also night shift, besides being security

K. N. N. No wonder you got kicked out of law school

You dun seem to read England at all

Shocking Stuka76!!!

Go and die faggot!!!
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