This Mini-Seat Takes Basic Economy to a Whole New Low
[Image: SkyRider-stand.jpg?fit=2048%2C2048px&ssl=1]

When “Basic Economy” was introduced to US airlines, there were a lot of misconceptions. One of those was that the seats would be smaller or have less legroom. So far, no US airlines have gone so far as to create a separate basic economy section, although American Airlines flirted with configuring a few rows with just 29 inches of legroom before backing away from the plan.

But there’s a seat on display at the Aircraft Interiors Expo that promises to provide a true basic economy experience. Using what its maker calls saddle seats, 23 inches of pitch and a foot panel to support part of your body weight, the Aviointeriors SkyRider is something quite special....
The most dumbest invention. shit
Might as well put them in the Cargo Hold for even greater costs savings.

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