This bunch of china communist lick balls dogs
18-3-2019 9:38 AM
century said:
these dogs can only start personal lies....have anyone see this dog discuss topic in 1 post?....
this dog is credible? & wet dream that they think they bark, forumer will listen....where got so many morons like these communist dogs..... thumbs up Laughing

copy & paste everyday...never discuss as they dont know what they are posting after all.....thumbs up

all these communist dogs, everyday start personal lies & attack at least 10-20x...meaningful? what for? ...these dogs are so desperate, panic, worry & stressful to see my post....1 by 1 must jump in to bark personal lies as they can only copy & paste, they can never post 1 sentence about topic as they really do not know what they are posting & what to post.....
see my post on topic discussion, they will shyt in their pants & all wet....then start personal lies, lies after lies, no feeling? these are real human rubbish, most evil & bad I have ever seen in my life.... thumbs up thumbs up
century: time to bark!

Too late then no shit for you dog to s@ck already. lol
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