This forum can help find long lost lover or not?
13-7-2018 11:27 PM
maipenrai said:
She got send you more interesting photos of herself anot?

You pm her yourself lah
There is only OneWorld. One big farking world. Big smile
12-7-2018 1:24 AM
niubee said:
My first love during Primary 2 Surprised is called Wang Ruixing Embarrassed

Anyone know her.... Crying Big smile

My dream girl* during my JC days many many years ago is called Sharon Tan Hwee Leng and she stayed in Bedok area..... Winking
13-7-2018 11:08 PM
maipenrai said:
This wan H4H?

looks qte like japenis AV p@rn actress...... thumbs up Big Grin
Only man uses female picture to attract traffic
Don’t be deceived lah
My boss tell me I need to be more detail when I questioning . So follow lor.

13-7-2018 11:03 PM
maipenrai said:
I told you Ah Goo show me the pic and I no hold it, I just share the pic with you and all mah.

Why today you so ku niang? Big Grin
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