This is not a financial Crisis. No monetary nor Fisical Policy will help WuHanVirus..
26-3-2020 10:59 PM
forum456 said:
Let me give a more simple example.
For example, there is super mad dog creating havoc in Singapore.
Everyday, this mad dog will go around biting people and ransacking business offices and shops.
But PAP cannot catch and trap this mad dog.
Instead of catching this mad dog, PAP compensates the victims with money.
In contrast, Macau can catch and trap the mad dog.

How do you kNow the mad dog has been caught ? Based on fewer confirmed cases reported ?

The only real way is to screen and test the whole population for the virus. With those cleared, shifted to one sterilised environment. The process goes on until those are left behind are confirmed cases or unidentifiable cases , move to another part of the country. Would any government dare to do that ? Ha, Ha !
26-3-2020 10:40 PM
David Rasif said:
You are right. They know it. Its Election. They will win 90% i think.

Totally not surprise to get over 90% in a crisis situation so must call for quick election before for no reason virus just cool off to come back again, before discover vaccine, before flattening the curve.
26-3-2020 10:47 PM
forum456 said:
Not necessary.
It depends when is the election.
If more people die of virus, PAP will have low percentage of win.

It is like a hospital who can provide extravagance to the patients but the death rate is very high.
More patients will avoid this hospital.

Compare to many other countries, spore has done well and very serious in killing the bugger.
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26-3-2020 9:33 PM
jahtl said:
Govt will bailout SIA through Temasek. Just inject a few billion into SIA & even if there is no businesses for 1 yr will still be no problem.

The question still arise, will the covid-19 be with us for a year or two years or three years, if Temasek were to rescue SIA, by pumping billions into it, when will it end..... Big smile Big smile Big smile
There will be no end, tons of GLC awaiting rescue. As someone point out, if oil fall to below 20 dollar, G inject how much also can’t rescue
26-3-2020 6:47 PM
David Rasif said: conclusion is
Govt is throwing Good money away into wrong hole.

Unlike Financial crisis we can use money to fight money.

This is virus. Fight with protection amd lockdown. Not fight with Money.

Money wont help. Money can only help the rich more richer
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All My Posts are Fake News and Comments are Untrue. [Image: i2C2ng7.jpg]
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