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12-5-2019 8:33 AM
sticw said:
If I'm not wrong, WWII ended because of fake news. Americans were throwing flyers everywhere with the message that the Emperor decreed end of war with the nuclear bombing. That led to the military surrendering before the news spread to the Emperor's palace.
You think the Japanese Generals were stupid or what? The Generals surrendered basing on a fake flyer. Lol

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The chinese word for citizenry is “众”.
Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC MP Sun Xueling for PAP exerted that that the potential for Gov. abuse does not arise as there are checks and balances.
This Chinese word is made up of three characters, with one character on top and two characters on the bottom.
39-year-old Sun Xueling argued that just like the “众” word, which has three characters, three sections in Singapore provide checks and balances for laws like POFMA. She said that these three sections of oversight are the people, the courts and the Government.

A screwed Low Thia khiang crushed her to pieces.
“…in the case of the “众” word, there’s always someone at the top. The person at the top, the minister, has already made a decision. So for the other two, they’ll just have to sit below (i.e support or follow). And so, yes that’s how things work.”
She responded that the court sits on Top but the Damage is irrevocabled.
* 金言*



- 华盛顿(前美国总统)

Journalism is about covering important stories. With a pillow, until they stop moving
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