Tree Coconut: Next Gen Nasi Lemak
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Tree Coconut: Next Gen Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak is not complicated. At its most basic, all you need is a fragrant rice, an addictive sambal tumis, crunchy ikan bilis and peanuts and a perfectly fried egg with crisp edges and flowing egg yolk. The Malaysians will insist that it has to be hard boiled to be authentic, but for me, a perfectly fried egg beats a hard boiled egg any day. The other stuff, like fried Ikan Kuning, chicken wings, luncheon meat etc are bonus extras. Again, some might insist that the fried fish or fried chicken wing is essential or that luncheon meat should not even be mentioned. That's fine! You are free to choose whatever you like so long as you feel shiok after eating your nasi lemak.

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