Trump threatens with more n more violence...
terrorist - in- chief n mobster chief of usa... thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up
Where is the sauce? 245


anyway he is suitable candidate for KKK leader leh...

just saying.... Laughing Big smile
I am just a tiny plankton in the ocean.
republicans all no balls...even pence whom they wanted to hang him...oso eunch..

maybe the army of usa will step in to quell the rebellion. 5 5 5
Lt. General Thomas McInerney drops MOABs
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13-1-2021 12:12 PM
singlion said:
Lt. General Thomas McInerney drops MOABs

finally now you realised how evil is ccp china......
commies in this forum is not less despicable than those fxxxxx in cctv, cgtn, globaltimes, like title of this thread...they are even worse....spam lies & fake day & night with no base lines.....fools here kena brainwash like brainless..... Rolling on the flor laughing Rolling on the flor laughing thumbs up

Lt. General Thomas McInerney: Attack Done By Antifa.
Seow lang of the century
Lets analyse why Democrat and the others were so worried about during the last few days of Trump in the White House.

What they are fearful about are

1. Trump has been keeping mum about what he wanted and intended to do. They do not know what Trump is "cooking" when this man is seen in the public. He has presented himself to be a man without any sign of fear when there are so much threats to remove him from the office. He still can ask his followers to remain calm and peaceful;

2. Trump who can still use his remaining days thinking about how to use his remaining power to declare National Emergency on accounts of external interference by other countries to disturb the peace and tranquillity in America.

This is one example how Trump used his Executive Power last year when there was a mineral threat

On para 2, Trump's Kakis have many a time asked Trump to exercise that Emergency Declaration power when there were suspicions about external interference in the election such as the findings of Dominion Machines linking to some countries. They also suspected that Antifa is externally linked including reports about Antifa members found in the recent White House breakin on Jan 6.

The Democrat and the others were so much worried about this man that

1. Nancy Perlosi and gangs were instructed to impeach Trump to remove this threat when Trump only has week to go;

2. MSM were instructed to suppress and ban Trump and its followers from using Twitter, FB, Apple, Google to spread and incite "hates", giving ways and preparing for Trump to exercise his power

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