U.S. Hits Back at China’s Alleged Attempts to Restrict Airlines
You said double standard anot la ... US tell China .. you breach our right by stopping our airline ..


Growing tensions between the U.S. and China have expanded to the airline industry as the Transportation Department accused its counterpart in Beijing of blocking American carriers’ attempts to resume service there.

The DOT late on Friday announced that China had violated a bilateral agreement allowing airline service between the two countries by failing to respond to requests by Delta Air Lines Inc. and United Airlines Holdings Inc.

China “impaired the operating rights of U.S. carriers and denied them the fair and equal opportunity to exercise their operating rights,” the department said in a notice posted to a government website
Maybe us side can jus be candid and direct ... hey CCP ., you stop my right from having my people spreading virus into China .. open now so I can load my 747 with all virus carrier

Becos I don’t see any reason why any American would want to go China now
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