URA proposes 90-day rental cap, 80% consent rule for Airbnb-type accommodation
17-4-2018 8:25 AM
sgbuffett said:
having 80% rule is a bad idea..it allows majority to override genuine owners who bought to raise families.
The 80 % rule is beneficial to the families (Of course 100% would be even better for them ) as it's very difficult to be achieved.
If no such rule, then that would be detrimental to these families interest
16-4-2018 8:13 PM
menghuii said:
80%? how to get it?


only 90days then he remaining 270days empty leh..
17-4-2018 8:50 AM
OLT said:
only 90days then he remaining 270days empty leh..
They having difficulty finding long term tenant, so can rent out temporarily while they look for long term one
90 Days? Just nice for Vietnam pros and their social visit pass duration.
. . . . . {I love my country, does not mean I love the government party}
It is for people with owned the building or majority of the building.
I do not have high regards for Lawrence wong personally, from how he present himself in parliament to how he portrays his smiling face with a sudden change to straight face
Is very telling to be honest
The ones desperate for tenants are greedy investors hoping to make a quick profit
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Vigilante uncle Placebo got to put wendy chan in her place coz he is afraid of an old, ugly [email protected] witch...scared + jealous of what?
If I live in condo, I also will not support my neighbors engage in airbnb. With 80% must consent, surely no go wan.
Some more can rent out 90 days only.
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