US trade war with China
10-8-2018 5:29 PM
alpha said:
US is negotiating trade agreements with Mexico, Japan, EU and Canada this month.

US is nego a trade bill with canada & mexico to form a north american alliance.....once complete, this new organisation will implement same tariff to china....eventually EU, australia, japan & korea will join in to forma new group against china trade together.....a global cold war with china will be on the way like Russia in 80s.....just do it fearlessly together.... Laughing Bye

Apple is investing US$350 billion in the US over this 5 years with their suppliers and manufacturers, creating many thousands of good paying jobs in the US.

9-8-2018 7:09 PM
alpha said:
China now has a severe shortage of soybeans due to insufficient supply from Brazil, Chinese companies still need to buy many tonnes of US soybeans to meet demand despite China's tariffs.

Ironically since the China tariffs on US soybeans, Brazil soybeans have increased price by 15%, so China is paying a lot more for soybeans. And Brazil is buying US soybeans to sell to China for a 15% profit, Argentina is also buying US soybeans to make soymeal and sell to China for a big profit.

Because of China's tariffs, China's soybean related companies and consumers are now paying a lot more for soybeans and soymeal related food. Very interesting video about China's soybeans disaster.

13-8-2018 10:58 AM
alpha said:

Why China’s pulled a U-turn on taxing US oil

10 Aug 2018

As a trade war between the world’s two predominant economies continues unabated, China has just changed its mind about exactly which American products it wants to hit with counter-tariffs.

In announcing its latest list of US goods to be hit with steep new import tariffs, effective August 23, China quietly removed crude oil and replaced it with a variety of other products,including scrap metals.

Crude was on China’s original hit list, published in June, as a countermeasure against Washington’s threat to impose 25% tariffs on $50 billion worth of Chinese products sold to Americans.

The change of heart underscores China’s increasing reliance on American oil, which has shaken up the global oil market with output hitting record highs this year.

China imported $3.2 billion of crude oil from the US last year, making it the top buyer of US oil exports. Although this only accounted for 2% of what China bought globally, sales volume has grown from virtually zero before 2016.

But putting tariffs on US exports, such as oil, could be bad news for China, and “will likely hurt their economy disproportionately,” Kenneth Medlock, an energy expert with Rice University, told Reuters.

“US exports will find a home regardless of how the global supply deck is reshuffled,” he said.

China’s limited domestic oil production meets less than one third of its energy demands, which means that finding a reliable and diversified oil supply is critical for China’s energy security.

Before the trade war broke out, the US was a part of that puzzle.

US oil production has surged since Washington lifted a 40-year ban on crude exports in 2015. It is expected to surpass Saudi Arabia and Russia as the world’s leading producer by next year, according to the US Energy Information Administration.

In June, China received a record high of 14.7 million barrels of crude oil from the US, more than three times the amount it bought the year before.

not only on oil....china just unload 1 full load of soya bean from US & pay 25% tariff in Dalian port...importer is china govt start owned.....hahaa...dont buy from US, buy from who? supply will be down for soya bean in coming months....if china choose to sell to Europe instead of china, I think will willing to pay 50% more price for it...... Laughing Bye
Very interesting video commentary about the US - China trade war. About oil, semiconductors and soybeans etc...

China has a severe shortage of soybeans, China companies are still buying US soybeans and shipping it to China and paying the 25% tariffs imposed by their own Chinese govt.

Because of China's tariffs, the cost for soybeans have greatly increased for China's commodities companies, and China consumers are now paying much more for soybeans related food. China's communist govt is punishing their own citizens with tariffs.

13-8-2018 11:06 AM
alpha said:

China unloads U.S. soybean cargo amid public worries about cost of trade war

Reuters - August 13, 2018

BEIJING (Reuters) - A vessel carrying U.S. soybeans was unloading its cargo worth at least $23 million at the Chinese port of Dalian on Monday, becoming one of the first shipments to incur hefty new import duties as the trade row deepens between Beijing and Washington.

The docking of the vessel after five weeks anchored off China's coast ended long-running speculation over the fate of the cargo, which had captured public attention.

China's state grains stockpiler Sinograin confirmed in a fax to Reuters it will pay the additional 25 percent import tariff on its 70,000 tonne cargo of the oilseed. That equates to about $6 million.

Comments on the country's Twitter-like Weibo showed early public support for the cargo had started to wane amid concerns that the public is footing the bill for the prolonged trade war.

"Isn't Sinograin state-owned? Who is this tariff hurting? Eventually it is us paying the tariffs and it's us being sanctioned!" said one user.

Two posts about the ship's arrival in dock and the extra costs generated more than 800 comments, mostly negative.

"Are we imposing sanction on ourselves? Common people will have to pay for that," said another Weibo user.

Peak Pegasus started unloading its cargo on Saturday, a port official said on Monday, more than a month after it arrived off China's coast just hours after Beijing imposed 25 percent import duties on $34 billion worth of U.S. goods, including soybeans.
Interesting recap of the US - China trade war.

Trump has expanded the trade war by using the wide ranging powers of CFIUS against China.

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) is used to investigated and take action against China's investments in US, and possibly China's communist leaders secret USD wealth funds.

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