USA has finally beaten China to be the new champion!
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it's Trump Flu! 川腐
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1-4-2020 8:15 AM
century said:

wuhan 1 day already released 3500 urn or dying people....but to date china official data, wuhan total only died around 2500+....what a joke....1 day already 3500, how about 15-25 days of release?....
Feb alone, wuhan almost 30k-40k death....normal average is 2k-3k/ many WV died?....
plus Jan & March....60-80k? died in wuhan about whole china death toll?.>100k?....US now, 3k+?...
how about infection? 4% mortality rate? many millions?...
today US situation as bad as wuhan in Jan? panic & chaotic in wuhan in Feb & jan.... Rolling on the flor laughing thumbs up

still ton of people died, whole family died, ton of children died.....many more family tragedy.... thumbs up Rolling on the flor laughing


china has a few millions of asymptomatic which they dont includes in their data...but most global countries consider these people as china real data of infection should be how many millions today?....
spore consider to let prc come to spore? this is super dangerous as they are carriers which is asymptomatic....just like the 1st wuhanese in holiday Inn to spread to spore.....
who sky is really falling....why china school still dont re-open? why communist party meeting not open? then no policy & guideline to follow for china this yr, basically, no govt situation?....thumbs up Rolling on the flor laughing

china death toll around 100k & with few millions of infected as above 2 videos?...china is world champion..... Rolling on the flor laughing thumbs up
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Yesterday 5:04 AM
WhatDoYouThink said:
it's Trump Flu! 川腐

walaneh! Big Grin
Bro, America great liao lah! thumbs upWinking
Win all liao lor! 245
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