USD Suddenly Shoots Up
Rolling on the flor laughing Rolling on the flor laughing
10-8-2018 10:31 PM
sogo said:
sure boh 1.61?

even 2007 usa golden period also no 1.61 lor.

This time is currency & trade war crisis......
thumbs up ... hope to see 1.4 soon

10-8-2018 2:43 PM
lvlrsSTI said:
1.3705 now Surprised
10-8-2018 9:18 PM
century said:
SGD printed a lot like china RMB in last 10 yrs....RMB already down 10% in last few months....when will hedge fund take action? better to hike rate fast before too late..... Laughing Bye

china many bonds already defaulted, same to spore.....china has $Trillion of USD bonds, with US$ shoot to sky, most of these bonds will burst & cannot pay back.....lai, USD the higher the better to crash all emerging market & their currency.....SGD? let see their debt situation, investment pull out & trade war effect..... Laughing Bye
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