Uncle kpkb he bought old resale flat losing money now...
So this round,

who had created the good news or fake news or old news ?

Officeholders .... in 2008 ? MBT ... banks ... land sellers .... Lay Kong Yeah ... Lay Hou Lang ... valuators ?

customers Parlour funds ?
14-5-2019 10:18 AM
I seriously don't think LKY was lying when he made the promise. It is just that LKY didn't factor in the fact that his son and daughter in-law's incompetence will wiped out tens of billions of monies that could have been used to carry out his promise to us Sinkies.


Does it mean those billions of dollars earmarked for the retirement of Merdeka and Pioneer Generations have been lost or siphoned away ??
And the consequence is that SERS have been abandoned and gst raised
This could be the cause of TCB being denied the President by Election Surprised
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13-5-2019 11:09 AM
Cory said:
Not possible. Singapore is not just for the poor. This is not charity country. Everyone has right to their own progress in the country. Remember most Singaporeans are cash rich. You only make Singapore cheaper doing that. There needs to be area of growth for masses.


Go grow a company and help the economy, and not be a parasite leeching on others through property speculation. High property price leads to high rental cost and this leads to an escalation in business cost which translate into inflation. In other words, high property price is the catalyst of the high cost of living we are seeing today. Now you know why we are still the most expensive city to live in

13-5-2019 1:16 PM
Lukongsimi said:
Maybe bought by cash alone so no need pay accrued interest plus lose.
Or else has to find $46k plus to pay back cpf..

If the selling price is less than the amount taken from CPF, he did not need to pay CPF the shortfall (Capital + accrued interest).
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