Victims of toilet filming case want the accused identity revealed.
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apparently he wants to commit suicide..

thats against the law or not anymore?
if feel so guilty then stay ... why go back UK?
Singaporean Lives Matter not an election

FACT : Foo Mee Har is my sister in law
na beh Ch** wonder court cases now so slow proceeding...a no brainer case here need to think so much. during yong pang how times, identity revealed already, no oversea allowed awaiting sentencing..move case please..

VTO the law minister and get rid of the current chief justice..
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Spore has become 'popular' place to 'film' female.
I still think it is Ok to let him leave and just set the bail higher at $200K. His bid for political asylum cannot succeed anyway because of the sexual nature of his criminal offenses. How is he ever going to establish that he is being persecuted by the P.A.P Govt on the basis of his race, religion, nationality, membership in a social or religious organization like Falungong, or for his political opinion? dizzy

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better to throw
Treeswing Treeswing Treeswing
should rotan 24 cuts for filming. Surprised Big smile
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confirm flight case if leave the country
so what is the cirteria for impounding a supect's passport before trial?
Singaporean Lives Matter not an election

FACT : Foo Mee Har is my sister in law
This time he really wuuu laaa laaa himself duaaaa kiiii liao ah!
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