Vote Nicole for tharman to be PM
All eye on the East Coast & West Coast GRC election fight Winking
30-6-2020 1:52 PM
Casanova said:
Nicole Seah....bye bye

will she shed tears again?
30-6-2020 1:52 PM
Casanova said:
Nicole Seah....bye bye

Still can aim for NCMP la Smile
30-6-2020 1:47 PM
debono said:
IMHO, Nicole Seah should be fighting in some other wards to give her a better chance of success..... Crying Crying Crying

Because NSeah is going EC that is why PnP put Ah Heng there
30-6-2020 1:34 PM
Migrant said:
Wake up....
You were dreaming.

heng has to be around to answer for 100bil spending
Why would anybody think that Tharman would be a good PM? Really baffling!
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U r crazy. B4 nomination who knows who goes where? It is very dangerous if u vote against our DPM Heng. Dun forget if he lost there will always b Chan C S because PM Lee 100% win in AMK. It has nothing to do with Tharman.

However DPM Heng is the only DPM that dares to activate the billion $$$ reserves to protect us. I think if CCS was the DPM he may not activate this much $$$ judging from the way he spoke about cotton sheep and the first time covid19 touches ground. CCS was rather a reserved person in handling money.

Heng on the other hand, though a soft spoken person , has the REAL IRON in him.

East Coast GRC should give Heng 100% votes to pass the strong mandate message strongly to NOT ONLY THE OPP BUT the PM LHL himself..that it is time for LHL to retire to be an MM since GCT already retiring.

Use your brain, even 1% votes to Nicole will mean PM LHL has an excuse to ask Heng to retire from politics.
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If Nicole win, she can be the next PM... Rolling on the flor laughing
Dont just tok.

Vote Nicole in !
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30-6-2020 1:32 PM
lionkingch55 said:
Residents of East Coast should vote for Nicole to get rid of stroke heng. Then tharman will be next pm. Please do Singapore a favour.

tharman ask me to tell u not to sabo him.

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