Walau, how many con ft we want to give pr to b4 we put a stop? who's vetting?
20-7-2019 7:38 PM
Ola said:

MOM, ICA, MOE . . . all the same.

Checking, vetting, auditing. . . . . is NONE of their business.

It's not PA P Ministers accountability to make sure loopholes are closed. It's not the Chief of Stat Board to look into such mistakes. It's not the Director's responsibility too? So, it seems that its average Citizens job to Do their JOB.


Also they love to do this , yes that is their deep seated culture, that is, passing the ball around.
I think P A P is short- sighted.

Anyhow issue employment pass already created problems, still don't want to check before issuing PR to FTs.

I realised that FTs become PRs. will fight for jobs with us, esp during this BAD economic times!
. . . . . {No Quota nor levy, no 7 tight criteria on Employment Pass means that all types of slight FTs can replace citizens anytime anywhere. }
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