Wat is the new ‘Eek’ Covid-19 mutation
20-4-2021 10:43 PM
singlion said:
By now it should be Eeeek covid-21. Relax cells just want to cleanup.
Their ammo. of microbes got wipeout by toxic conditions.

Survive by adapting to harsh conditions n emerge stronger
Two of d triple-mutant varieties have been found , collected from Maharashtra, Delhi, West Bengal and Chhattisgarh. D triple mutant has been classified as a "variant of interest."

The new mutant ninja - N 440K has been detected

Even as scientists are busy decoding the potential threat of the double mutant (B.1.617), a team of researchers from Hyderabad and Ghaziabad has found

8-4-2021 11:54 AM
Sentinel said:
How come the variants appear in USA, South Africa, UK, Japan???

China dont have. Guess where it came from?
All My Posts are Fake News and Comments are Untrue.
Invisible transmission chains
Genomes of latest two mutated infections identical to first variant case detected in the community, study finds. Experts discover that all three cases carry the B.1.351 variant found in South Africa.

[Image: L5cTSDi.jpg]

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia has recorded its first case of the “double mutant” Covid-19 strain originating from India, says the Health Ministry.

List of Covid-19 variants

A total of 29 local cases with the Covid-19 variants were detected, along with 475 imported cases. 

Here is the breakdown of the cases with the respective variants: 

Two UK strains
B117: detected in seven local cases and 181 imported cases, 11 of which tested preliminarily positive
B1525: detected in one local case, and nine imported cases

South African strain (B1351): detected in eight local cases and 158 imported cases 

Three Brazilian strains:
P1 (B11281): detected in three local cases and four imported cases
P2 (B11282): detected in one imported case
P3 (B11283): detected in one imported case 

Four Indian strains:
B1617: detected in 57 imported cases 
B16171: detected in three local cases and 11 imported cases
B16172: detected in seven local cases and 52 imported cases 
B16173: detected in one imported case

8-4-2021 9:54 AM
singlion said:
Eek is inDIA.
How it looks like?
Got virus load tested on healthy inDian?
Black round n poky lah
[Image: Sh92GRO.jpg]
Indeer acknowledged for first time "double mutant" variant fuelling its COVID-19 crisis. Daily deaths and infections have hit new highs again, dashing hopes that the outbreak had peaked. B1.617 variant is believed to b dominant strain in Indeer, and authorities have said it transmits quicker. Government advisers concerned that it could mutate further.

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