We have many high IQ forummers in SG Talk !
16-8-2019 6:16 PM
debono said:
My choice is Margaret Thatcher

How come u never choose your mother? Thinking
[Image: 2dtrb6v.jpg]
[Image: 20r9tll.jpg]
16-8-2019 6:29 PM
EXBaBu said:

what's yr iq?
high or low iq doesn't matter.
what matter most is whether you are successful or not.
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15-8-2019 7:22 AM
sukhoi35 said:
We also have some very low IQ among SGtalk..

Who are they?
Obviously I am one irrefutably. Crying
only blur like sotong emperor kid brother, sotong emperor more blurrer
16-8-2019 6:10 PM
WhatDoYouThink said:
I rather have more money
I prefer good health and long life so i can touch and use my hard earned CPF money.
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