West Coast GRC - $1000 to charity if PAP loses
30-6-2020 11:11 AM
PervertoSan said:
55 years old still so full of sparks...good for u

You leh? No more spark? Lao kok kok? Thinking
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Haha .. $1,000 ... aiyah thought people already dealing in bitcoins
Er.. $1,000 in Sin can do a lot ? But point taken ..

It’s not about PAP losing but rather how much votes can they garner this elections and about the performance of the opposition which I feel will be the elections that will inspire change
GE 2020 - the year when Sin politics Inspired Change ... has a nice sound to it eh ?
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30-6-2020 7:02 PM
MrMarket said:
Sister in law, means her husband is Wendy brother?
Welcome to Pinky’s Singapore!


in case one thinks im telling lies
Singaporean Lives Matter not an election

FACT : Foo Mee Har is my sister in law
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30-6-2020 10:40 AM
Casanova said:
Sister, you bet on something that never gotten to happen. You can keep your $1,000 lah

If that really happens when Opposition grab the GRC, you better donate yr $1000 to Wendy.
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30-6-2020 7:09 PM
Cityhantam said:
You leh? No more spark? Lao kok kok? Thinking

for u my lovely OrLan...i will do anything.
Why only 1k to buy Foo Mee Har another 5years of $15k x 12 x 5 =$900k without counting bonuses? It's too cheap!
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1-7-2020 12:16 AM
Justrade said:
[Image: ZRiyDbG.jpg]

So true...many issues need to be addressed. This current bunch created them and cannot solve them.
People's Action Party: S Iswaran, Desmond Lee, Ang Wei Neng, Rachel Ong,Foo Mee Har

Wah, very weak
dizzy giveup
Treeswing Treeswing Treeswing
Embarrassed I still remember ,Foo Mee Har and Sham got " saga " rumours around online
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