What happen if 216,400 O'sea S'poreans take S$216.4 billion out from CPF Accounts?
17-4-2019 5:19 PM
sdecww said:
have you done budget forecasting, I doubt you do.

If Hyflux did management budgeting then they won't be bankrupted today?

Management accounting and cash flow analysis?
17-4-2019 5:18 PM
sdecww said:
Are you able to produce proof that he refuse to admin?

Go online search yourself
17-4-2019 5:23 PM
sdecww said:
Did they quote the name literally to equate it to what you stated?
Do they put the picture an label as what you stated?

Challenge them to do it if you think they have ball of steel.

Go online and search again..will you?
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