Who like to take selfies with Kim, Hitler, Gaddhafi, Sadam Hussein, Idi Amin?
Gay lovers Big Grin

14-6-2018 7:14 AM
Huliwang said:
Are you operating from Australia? Noticed your.operating hours is quite close to Sukhoi35 and similar brain. You two must be neighbours or roommates I guess....... Laughing
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[Image: BE2REpG.jpg]

[Image: FVv4XB3.jpg]
14-6-2018 12:01 AM
Sentinel said:
That selfie costs $20m of Singapore taxpayers money.....HAHAHAHAHA......

U go die. I burn 20 millions paper money for yr offering. Complain everyday busy Sian ah
[Image: HYOQXIk.jpg]

[Image: qfI1DWY.jpg]

[Image: CSL1O95.jpg]
[Image: BE2REpG.jpg]
I believe this is Fidel castro's bro.
Who do you think is the power?
Remember he is the Boss of Capitol Hill and he bowed b4 Fidel castro during the blood moons.
[Image: C9E70D83-CE2D-49F0-B8EA-36B50A8F0441_cx0...3_r1_s.jpg]
Dat man behind him immediately resigned. Who is he?
Can I bid for that selfie? Willing to pay $0.20c for it. Very generous already
Those are not selfies, you df
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