Why 99% people HATE Jac Lau SAI?
12-2-2019 1:40 PM
Jac Lau Jac said:
The police took my statements, showed it to me and I signed it.

I asked what about the false r@pe accusation against me.

His answer is confidential, I cannot tell you.

Thanks, will appreciate if you update as the case develops. We are curious..... Big Grin

12-2-2019 1:42 PM
Huliwang said:
If they find your report is rubbish, usually they make you wait in the interrogation room, on the aircon to maximum cold and let you wait for many hours. Then 30 minutes before off duty, they come in and ask a few silly questions like your name, age, s.ex and address then send you back....... Laughing

lol.. ic... never made a police report b4 other den report lost of wallet..

Big Grin Big Grin
12-2-2019 1:44 PM
Huliwang said:
Thanks, will appreciate if you update as the case develops. We are curious..... Big Grin

ola and oops more curious den u...
12-2-2019 8:43 AM
rainforest said:
Exbb n Jay Lau makes good partner Big Grin

Are you saying they both are political partners? Evidently, they’re fiercely partisan and have often been accused by oppositional forummers of only seeing one side of things. The oppies are also showing only one point of view. You know people’s viewpoints depend almost entirely on their political affiliations, resulting in them being one-sided.

There has been a lot of bad blood between the two sides as a result of their opposing opinions. In the cut and thrust of political debate, many view debates as chances to draw blood from their opponents. Their feuds often spill onto non-political issues.

Oppies and papies are strange bedfellows, inseparable but irreconcilably opposed. Many get a charge out of going at each other’s throats. Being in a cut-throat debate can create a siege mentality. Those made of stronger stuff seem to be none the worst for wear. And there appears to be many of them Thinking
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