Why a $0 88 IPO falls to$0.68 after its IPO on 24sept2019
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OCBC said Friday its deemed interest in Lendlease Global Commercial REIT fell to 10.912% from 11.111% after the disposal of 2.32 million shares.

After 2019 IPO

Lion becomes *meow meow* cat
What they said in 2019
Asian Credit Daily
Credit Headlines
Lendlease Group (“LLC”) | Issuer Profile: Neutral (4)
 LLC is looking to list a new REIT on the SGX, namely Lendlease Global Commercial REIT. According to
the prospectus lodged, the objective is to raise ~SGD1.0bn in gross proceeds including through IPO
(SGD341.0mn), a placement tranche (SGD399.3mn) and subscription by Lendlease Trust
 The REIT portfolio will have an appraised value of SGD1.4bn, which includes [email protected] (a retail
property) in Singapore for SGD1.0bn and Sky Complex (comprising three office buildings) in Italy for
SGD0.4bn. We note that LLC held 25%-interest in [email protected] while the vendor of Sky Complex is
a third party.
 As mentioned in LLC earnings review, we think the listing of the REIT is a credit positive. We may look
to upgrade LLC’s Issuer Profile upon the completion of sale of its Engineering & Services business.
(Company, Lendlease Global Commercial REIT, OCBC)
这个信托是不是only a gambling chip?
And what's it's parent lend lease in Australia did to this REIT?
chartist kao how come suddenly come here
while all those time missing
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Reits leverage up to 36% debt.
At point of listing property worth 1.4B.

If the value of assets fell by 15% the valuation of the reits would fall by 20*%....due to the debts taken.

Given Covid19 impact on office and retail it looks about right.

Cannot lament below IPO price when IPO launched there was no covid no recession.
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Lend lease is another Low grade Reits.... only sgbluffer who said he hates reits , likes to promote it. And of course that Zha0 ah kua who always picks the wrong REITs and tries to blame the whole world for his few hundred $ loss.
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